We’re all in this Together! An open letter to the residents of Ward 5

My recent endorsement by the Northern Indiana Area Labor Federation, members of the AFL-CIO, has prompted me to reflect on the interconnectedness of our community and the importance of collective efforts to ensure everyone can thrive and lead fulfilling lives. When considering this significant union endorsement, it means they recognize qualities in those they endorse that benefit their members. Merrillville, as you’re aware, has experienced a surge in economic development. The Town Council has generated numerous job opportunities for union workers through various programs like tax incentives and other development tools offered to businesses. Some may wonder why we pursue this path, and the answer is surprisingly straightforward: if we don’t, other cities and towns will. These are valuable economic development tools that we use to foster development in Merrillville, specifically in suitable areas. Let’s be candid; the 1-million-square-foot building on Mississippi Street won’t disrupt any neighborhood but will create well-paying jobs.

These jobs have a ripple effect on local economic development. They lead to increased business at restaurants, retail establishments, fuel stations, and more. On any given day, you can spot Amazon delivery vans frequenting local gas stations, car maintenance shops, and tire/battery stores for repairs and new vehicle components. Development driven by our unions acts as an economic catalyst, benefitting the entire community. These jobs also contribute to home purchases, apartment rentals, and the sustenance of our town’s infrastructure, which in turn supports our streets, parks, recreation facilities, snowplows, police services, and personnel. We are all part of this economic wave. Waves gather momentum as they grow larger and faster before reaching their peak and concluding their journey. But what if we could maintain this momentum? What if Merrillville could continue riding atop this substantial wave and sustain our progress? Wouldn’t that be remarkable?

We can achieve this in the upcoming election season. I humbly request your support. Your support will maintain the stability of our Town Council with experienced and proven leadership, ensuring our town continues to progress in a positive direction by fostering unity, cooperation, community building, and leaving trivial disagreements behind. I ask for your vote in the general election and hope to continue serving you as your Ward 5 Representative. Please vote straight ticket DEMOCRAT this fall and help me keep our momentum going. I’ll continue to be your full-time representative working every day for our great town! Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. In your service.  -Rick Bella, Town Council President


If you would like a yard sign please let me know and we’ll rush one right out to your address. Thanks for your support!

Call me any time: 219.736.5217

Email me: rickbellaward5@gmail.com     

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