Rick Bella - Town Council President - Ward 5 Councilman

Rick Bella speaking at the ground breaking ceremony for Midwest Truck & Auto Parts
Merrillville has always been a welcoming town and Rick Bella celebrates our diversity
Rick Bella supports the new Dean and Barbara White Community Center
Rick Bella has always supported our Police Department and always will

Happy New Year! 2021 was a little better than the crazy 2020, but not by much. Like all of you, I am looking forward to a new year! The 2021 & 2020 calendar years will certainly be inserting reading for our history books. We will hopefully have a much better 2022 and Merrillville is planning an aggressive year with many projects scheduled. Review below all that will be happening in our town this year.


Coming off of the terrible ‘COVID’ year of 2020, I was concerned that Merrillville would not get its momentum back, but I am pleased to report that the exact opposite occurred. We opened the new 84,000 square foot Dean and Barbara White Community Center to rave reviews, repaired and paved $5M worth of neighborhood streets fixing curbs and adding new handicapped ramps, completed the new 93rd Avenue project, completed 57th Avenue, welcomed major businesses to town like Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, an Amazon distribution center, Dominos supply chain warehouse (now under construction), Lamar Outdoor Advertising, all while celebrating Merrillville’s 50 year birthday! See below for other accomplishments I am pleased to share. 

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It was a busy year... look at some of our accomplishments

We converted the pruzin center (57th Avenue and Harrison Street) old parks department office into a police department training and resource center.
Developed plans for the town’s first-ever dog park to be located on 73rd Avenue and Broadway next to the walking trail. The park will be named ‘Pawsville’.
Celebrated with three events to honor our town’s inception 50 years ago on December 30, 1971. The events were held for all residents to celebrate. 
We promoted the town’s Assistant Parks Director to the position of Parks and Recreation Director on December 30, 2021. 
Received and prepared a spending plan for the $7.8M that Merrillville will receive from the American Rescue Plan to provide programs for Merrillville residents.
Trained over 100 town employees and elected officials in Diversity, Inclusion and Equality with designed inclusive conversations and Diversity Training. 
Replaced two old 1990’s era dump tucks to be used for snow removal and other projects in Public Works/Street Department.
Began a town-wide beautification program at Town Hall to match the improvements already done on 93rd Avenue.
Made the Methodist Hospital Fitness Center FREE for Merrillville residents at the new Dean and Barbara White Community Center.

Thank you for your Support

The election has been over for two years now. Thank you all for the overwhelming support and for casting your vote for me to represent you on the Town Council. Thank you also for enduring all of the campaign signs, the mailings, the knocking on your doors and phone calls. It is all necessary to get the word out and I hope that we were not too intrusive. 


We can use this website to communicate with each other. You may click on the ‘contact’ tab at the top and send me a message at any time. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, always! 


Be sure to sign up to receive blog postings via your email. That way you will get a notification each time I make a new post so you can stay up to date on town news. Let’s work together so we can keep Merrillville a great place to live and even make things better for our community. You may also call 219-736-5217 so we may chat. Email is also a great way for us to communicate so we have a record and history of our conversations. Email me at RickBellaWard5@gmail.com 


I look forward to hearing your suggestions, ideas and comments, as well as answering your questions about our great town. If you have an interest in serving on one of the various town boards or commissions, like the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Police Commission, and others, please let me know by sending me your request and a bio about yourself. I will create a blog post about what openings will be available as soon as I receive that information each year. 


Once again, thank you for your support. I look forward to a new and exciting year. I’ll be in touch. -Rick Bella

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