I am humbled and honored to be endorsed by these great UNION organizations!

As my mailer above reads, I understand that accomplishing goals requires collaboration with multiple individuals and organizations to benefit everyone, and my actions over the past four years reflect this understanding. I am both humbled and honored to be endorsed by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America, the Merrillville Lodge 186 Fraternal Order of Police, the Northern Indiana Area Labor Federation, and the Northwestern Indiana Building & Construction Trades Council. 

The town has been approached by many great companies who want to build in our great town. Naturally, we’ve offered them incentives to come to our town and to build in the right locations where these large companies may operate with the least amount of impact on our residents. 

New construction projects in Merrillville totaling over $128 MILLION dollars in 2022.

We approved a one-million-square-foot building on Mississippi Street. The entire building beginning with site development to tipping up the prefabricated walls, to buffing the cement flooring was done 100% by union labor. Our incentives make that a condition and developers are obliged to create hundreds, yes, hundreds of jobs for temporary workers during the construction phase of the project. 

I ask for your support in this very important Municipal Election. Help me keep the momentum going in Merrillville. I am a lifelong ‘real’ Democrat. NO smoke and mirrors with me. Most of you know me and what I’ve been doing. I have been also humbled and honored to serve you as our Town Council President over the past 4-years. A real honor bestowed upon me by my fellow council members. I ask for your support. Thank you. -Rick Bella, Ward 5 Representative & Town Council President

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