New 86th Avenue Road About to Open

A new road, 86th Avenue, is set to open soon, promising improved convenience for residents and enhanced public safety for emergency services in Merrillville. This road has been in the town's master road plan for several decades, and recent developments in the area have underscored its necessity. Starting at Broadway and extending westward to connect... Continue Reading →

Speeding is Just Not Worth It

Most everyone has done it. Speeding! We are in a hurry, or just are not paying attention, and who makes up those silly speed limits anyway? Your Merrillville Police Department is teaming up with a couple of different agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to curb unsafe driving... Continue Reading →

Be aware of construction work in Sedona

Please be careful as preparation work is underway in Sedona. First, the area will get new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalk corners with ramps for wheelchairs as well as bicycles, shooters, and similar wheeled devices. They are forming and pouring new concrete as I write this post.  Please slow down also as workers will... Continue Reading →

Waste Management Apologizes and Acts

A couple of weeks ago I called Waste Management and emailed our town contact about what appeared to be oil or hydraulic fluid leaks all over our roadways near where I live. I included some photographs to show them exactly what I was seeing. As I continued to look throughout the neighborhood, I could see... Continue Reading →

86th Avenue Extension about to begin

I am excited to share that Merrillville has secured funding so we may extend 86th Avenue which will connect the existing road with the short road off of Broadway. With the new development of additional duplexes, it will be nice to have another way for residents to get in and out of their neighborhoods. It... Continue Reading →

Re-Election Announcement Event Well Attended

Merrillville Town Council members, Richard Hardaway, Ward 2, Jeff Minchuk, Ward 3, Margaret A. Uzelac, Ward 4, Rick Bella, Ward 5, and Shawn Pettit, Ward 6 each announced their intention to file for re-election on Thursday, December 29, 2022, at The Chateau in Merrillville, to a group of just over 150 friends, family, and supporters.... Continue Reading →

Radar Speed Limit Signs

The town has been installing radar speed limit signs throughout the town in an effort to educate drivers about how fast they are traveling on many streets. Creating awareness is the first step in changing the behavior of resident and visitor drivers. The signs will track your vehicle and then flash your speed on the... Continue Reading →

Liberty Estates Breaks Ground in Merrillville

Developer Randy Hall of Lexor Homes explains the first phase of the Liberty Estates project. Town Council President Rick Bella congratulates Randy Hall on the start of the multi-phase development. Last week I participated in the groundbreaking ceremony where the new Liberty Estates subdivision will be built in west Merrillville. The project will feature various... Continue Reading →

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