Re-Election Announcement Event Well Attended

Merrillville Town Council members, Richard Hardaway, Ward 2, Jeff Minchuk, Ward 3, Margaret A. Uzelac, Ward 4, Rick Bella, Ward 5, and Shawn Pettit, Ward 6 each announced their intention to file for re-election on Thursday, December 29, 2022, at The Chateau in Merrillville, to a group of just over 150 friends, family, and supporters.... Continue Reading →

Radar Speed Limit Signs

The town has been installing radar speed limit signs throughout the town in an effort to educate drivers about how fast they are traveling on many streets. Creating awareness is the first step in changing the behavior of resident and visitor drivers. The signs will track your vehicle and then flash your speed on the... Continue Reading →

Liberty Estates Breaks Ground in Merrillville

Developer Randy Hall of Lexor Homes explains the first phase of the Liberty Estates project. Town Council President Rick Bella congratulates Randy Hall on the start of the multi-phase development. Last week I participated in the groundbreaking ceremony where the new Liberty Estates subdivision will be built in west Merrillville. The project will feature various... Continue Reading →

Merrillville Provided July 4th Festivities

Independence Day Events Come Back with Great Success Merrillville Officials brought back the Independence Day celebrations this year after a two-year break and residents seems to be ready to enjoy the festivities coming out in huge numbers to enjoy both the July 3rd Fireworks display and the July 4th holiday parade.Merrillville Town Officials partnered with... Continue Reading →

FOP Contract Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Like the June 1970 released song by Stevie Wonder; “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)”, the Town Council this week at the regular meeting approved the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Collective Bargaining Agreement. After Councilman Jeff Minchuk made the motion to approve, seconded by Councilman Richard Hardaway. The vote was approved by the six council... Continue Reading →

Senator Michael Griffin Deserves Your Vote

Senator Michael Griffin Deserves Your Vote There is one candidate that I am supporting in the upcoming Democratic Primary Election on May 3rd.  Michael Griffin is seeking your support to serve as the District One state senator for Northwest Indiana. The District One area only touches the western portion of Merrillville encompassing voting precincts 02,... Continue Reading →

Roundabouts are all around!

Love them, or hate them, our Region will see more Roundabouts!Most of us that have not experienced driving on roundabouts may be skeptical about them. All those cars yielding and driving around a circle, who goes next, how do I go straight, and did that driver just cut me off? It’s understandable… they are new... Continue Reading →

Spring Leaf Pickup Schedule

If you are like us... last Fall fell fast on us and we didn't even get all of our tree leaves raked and picked up during the town service. This is a reminder that we all get one last chance to 'clean up' as the town will do a ONE-TIME only pass through town to... Continue Reading →

Crime is DOWN in Merrillville!

Merrillville Police Annual Report shows crime is DOWN in Merrillville! We recently received our annual Police Department Report, and it is good news for the town. The report revealed that all violent crimes went down in 2021. In just about all categories versus the previous year. Homicides were down 75%, there were 11 robbery cases... Continue Reading →

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