The TOWN TALK program is set to proceed on October 26th, featuring a presentation from the Merrillville Police Department

Law enforcement is an essential part of every community, and residents have a unique opportunity to learn how the Merrillville Police Department operates during the upcoming TOWN TALK.

Merrillville’s finest will provide an in-depth look at the department during the Town PD Talk that’s scheduled for 6 p.m. Oct. 26 at the Dean and Barbara White Community Center, 6600 Broadway. This event is part of the Town Talk series, which is a TED TALK-style program. Merrillville Police Chief Kosta Nuses will serve as the emcee while Merrillville officers and Town officials present a variety of information about the department.

“The Police Department is always looking for opportunities to engage with residents, and the Town PD Talk is a perfect way to strengthen our relationship with the community,” Nuses said.

The event will include presentations from the Detective Bureau and Patrol Division. A Merrillville K-9 Unit demonstration is also scheduled. The K-9 unit is a growing aspect of the Police Department. It now features four dogs, which allows for a K-9 officer to serve on each shift. Discussions about how the police department operates, the budget that supports police operations, and where the revenue comes from will also be presented.

Interim Town Manager Michael Griffin will also participate in the Town PD Talk by providing a history of policing. Not many really know why and how we formed police departments in the world. His informative presentation will enlighten you about the history.

The event also calls for the audience to get involved in a Q&A session.

“The Merrillville Police Department has long understood the importance of working with the community to enhance operations,” Town Council President Rick Bella said. “This is an excellent opportunity to see exactly how the men and women of our Police Department work to keep our Town a safe place to live and visit.”

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