New 86th Avenue Road About to Open

A new road, 86th Avenue, is set to open soon, promising improved convenience for residents and enhanced public safety for emergency services in Merrillville. This road has been in the town's master road plan for several decades, and recent developments in the area have underscored its necessity. Starting at Broadway and extending westward to connect... Continue Reading →

Increased Police Force in 2024 Budget

In a move aimed at bolstering public safety and addressing growing concerns about community security, I am announcing a proposal to add four new police officers to next year's town budget.The proposal, which has garnered significant support from the community and law enforcement agencies, comes as a response to a rise in service activities and... Continue Reading →

Traffic Woes in Merrillville

If you drive through Merrillville, you have experienced our traffic woes at various times of the day. Heavy morning work traffic as well as a lunchtime rush, and again between 4 and 6 p.m. as workers get off for the day. At least that’s how it used to be. Merrillville traffic now seems constant throughout... Continue Reading →

Nuses is sworn in as Merrillville’s Police Chief

A homegrown veteran police officer has officially become Merrillville’s top cop. Konstantinos (Kosta) Nuses was sworn in as Merrillville’s Police Chief during the Tuesday, July 25 Town Council meeting. Nuses, who has served on the Merrillville Police Department since 2005, succeeds Wiley Luther Cuttino as Merrillville’s Police Chief. Nuses served as the Town’s interim police... Continue Reading →

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