This photo was taken by Rick Bella - for the Lamar Advertising Billboard Campaign. It was the 2nd billboard campaign by the town.

My Committment

Commitment to Community: Continue to provide quality public services in a fiscally responsible way while keeping our streets, parks, and business districts safe.


Continue to keep our police department equipped with the latest technology to ensure the safety of all residents, visitors, and our dedicated police officers.


Vision for the Future: To represent the residents of Merrillville through leadership values, including:

  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Visionary Leadership & Planning
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Open and Honest Communication
  • Respect for All Individuals
  • Thoughtful Community Building
  • Professionalism


Current concerns that I will address:


Property Values How will Merrillville retain property values? To most of us, our home is the most valuable investment we have. It is important to monitor property values and seek input from professionals as to how our town can retain the value of property in the years to come.


Area Blight and Empty Buildings Related to personal property values is the amount of empty buildings and storefronts throughout our town. In every direction, there are areas that are becoming eyesores. These areas naturally hurt property values in the surrounding areas and send the wrong message to visitors and potential investors, developers, and business owners not to mention potential new residents.


Infrastructure I was concerned and saddened to discover that budgetary reasons are behind Merrillville’s streetlights being turned off in the last few years. While budgetary constraints are understandable, providing safe and well-lit roads, streets, and neighborhoods is one of the most basic services our town can offer. It would be my charge to make sure all street lights are operational and that we have a fiscal plan to make sure we don’t have to turn them off ever again.


Parks and Recreation There is a lack of neighborhood parks in the 5th District. I remember that, in past years, it was common to request a donation to the town of a portion of land from new developers so we could develop a park for the new neighborhood. It never seemed like an issue as most large land parcels had some areas that were not build-worthy, meaning the donations did not affect the lots available for building. I would like to seek the support of developers, both new and existing, to provide space so that local parks can again be established throughout Merrillville. Part of creating a community is providing areas where neighbors can meet each other, and encourage our children to get out of the house and play outside!


Other issues I look forward to expanding this list as I speak to Ward 5 voters about your concerns for our town.  Let’s work together to make sure every and all issues are on the table for discussion.  After all, you deserve representation and answers to pressing questions on a continual basis.  


 Photo above by Photographer Rick Bella for the Lamar Billboard Campaign.

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