Traffic Woes in Merrillville

If you drive through Merrillville, you have experienced our traffic woes at various times of the day. Heavy morning work traffic as well as a lunchtime rush, and again between 4 and 6 p.m. as workers get off for the day. At least that’s how it used to be. Merrillville traffic now seems constant throughout... Continue Reading →

Nuses is sworn in as Merrillville’s Police Chief

A homegrown veteran police officer has officially become Merrillville’s top cop. Konstantinos (Kosta) Nuses was sworn in as Merrillville’s Police Chief during the Tuesday, July 25 Town Council meeting. Nuses, who has served on the Merrillville Police Department since 2005, succeeds Wiley Luther Cuttino as Merrillville’s Police Chief. Nuses served as the Town’s interim police... Continue Reading →

Speeding is Just Not Worth It

Most everyone has done it. Speeding! We are in a hurry, or just are not paying attention, and who makes up those silly speed limits anyway? Your Merrillville Police Department is teaming up with a couple of different agencies, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute to curb unsafe driving... Continue Reading →

Residents needed on town plan committee

The Town of Merrillville is seeking residents interested in joining the Momentum Community Committee, which helps shape a vision for the municipality.The new committee will play a critical role in developing the Merrillville Momentum comprehensive plan by working with Town officials and planners to identify strategies and projects that can take place over the next... Continue Reading →

Surge in wildlife spotting are causing concern

Observing wildlife in nature can be a joyous occasion, but interacting with wildlife on your residential property can be a much different experience. Urbanization can displace wildlife, and development projects in Town have resulted in a surge of wildlife reports in and around neighborhoods. That includes properties near the Liberty Estates development around U.S. 30... Continue Reading →

Town to Remain Watchful as Management Company begins addressing concerns at Hickory Ridge Lake Apartment Homes

The Friedman Management Company has taken initial steps to address safety and health issues at the Hickory Ridge Lake Apartments, and Town officials will stay vigilant throughout the entire process to ensure compliance. The Merrillville Fire Department on June 14 issued a report to the Friedman Management Company, the operator of Hickory Ridge, which listed... Continue Reading →

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