Police Inspections Return to Merrillville

Above: Merrillville Police Chief Kosta Nuses inspects Detective-Commander Matthew Vasel during the department inspections on May 20, 2023, at the Merrillville Municipal Complex located at 7820 Broadway.  Merrillville’s Finest were dressed in their finest as they gathered Saturday afternoon for Police Inspections. Merrillville Police Chief Kosta Nuses said it’s been close to 20 years since... Continue Reading →

Be aware of construction work in Sedona

Please be careful as preparation work is underway in Sedona. First, the area will get new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalk corners with ramps for wheelchairs as well as bicycles, shooters, and similar wheeled devices. They are forming and pouring new concrete as I write this post.  Please slow down also as workers will... Continue Reading →

Town Tax Talk – Educational Series

City and Town Government can be a very complex business. I write 'business' because in a way the town is like a business, except we don't sell goods or services, we simply provide them utilizing a variety of funding sources. For the General Fund operations, property taxes from residents and businesses provide the revenue stream... Continue Reading →

Construction Underway at Mississippi Crossings

A new multi-unit retail development is bringing excitement, jobs, and a significant investment to the community.Officials gathered on Friday to break ground for the new Mississippi Crossings project that will house Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Crumbl Cookies, and American Mattress. Region Contractors is handling the construction of the 7,500-square-foot facility at 1600 E. 79th Ave., which... Continue Reading →

Waste Management Apologizes and Acts

A couple of weeks ago I called Waste Management and emailed our town contact about what appeared to be oil or hydraulic fluid leaks all over our roadways near where I live. I included some photographs to show them exactly what I was seeing. As I continued to look throughout the neighborhood, I could see... Continue Reading →

86th Avenue Extension about to begin

I am excited to share that Merrillville has secured funding so we may extend 86th Avenue which will connect the existing road with the short road off of Broadway. With the new development of additional duplexes, it will be nice to have another way for residents to get in and out of their neighborhoods. It... Continue Reading →

Be Kind Today at Election Polls

It’s Election Day in Indiana today. The municipal elections, or positions for Cities and Towns. City Mayors, City and Town Council seats, Clerk-Treasurers, and Judges are all elected today. It is a busy day for our county election office and a long day for those on the ballot.Most, like me (and I am unopposed!), lay... Continue Reading →

Bingo with a BANG!

Everyone seems to enjoy our Candidates sponsored BINGO night at The Chateau in Merrillville. The last game had a BANG with a $500 cash prize to the lucky winner who filled their entire Bingo card with the numbers drawn. The 'cover all' as it is called allowed for some intensive fun as players waited to... Continue Reading →

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