Thank you for Voting and for your Support

Voters decided to keep Ward 4 Councilwoman Margaret A. Uzelac, Ward 6 Councilman Shawn Pettit, and me in their positions for another term in office on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, in the Lake County Municipal General Elections. Each candidate had plenty of challengers with Mrs. Uzelac fending off a Republican and one Independent, Mr. Pettit, like Uzelac had one Independent and a Republican nominee running against him, while I staved off two independent challengers who were admittedly “Democrats running as an Independent”.

The election is over. It is time now to focus our energies on running the town of Merrillville to make it as great as possible for our 36,000 residents. One good outcome of the winners listed above is that we have all been working together and all have the same love and passion for our town and have vowed to continue working together to make our town a great place to live and play.

I wish to thank you all for the support during the election and for your trust in me to serve you all again for another term in office. I promise to keep my open communications with you as I represent you on the Town Council. I not only welcome you, but I need your input so I can act as your voice on the Town Council. As always, you may contact me through this website, call the Town Administration office at 219-769-5711 Ext 303, or email me directly at

Thank you and I’ll be in touch! -Rick Bella, Town Council President, Ward 5 Representative

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