Safeguard Your Investment – VOTE

I wholeheartedly believe that you deserve nothing less than the finest representation on our Town Council. I’ve had the privilege of serving you for the past four years and would be honored to continue to serve you. I’m dedicated to this role and to continue improving our town. It’s impossible to overlook the remarkable progress taking place in Merrillville today. Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed remarkable commercial and residential development, revitalization of older shopping areas, and the construction of new roads to meet the needs of our residents. Property values have reached unprecedented heights, and our community remains a secure and thriving place to live. As a resident who pays taxes, your significant financial stake in this community is primarily tied to your home. This is especially true if you have a mortgage, as it amplifies the importance of your investment. Therefore, the decision to vote for a candidate should not revolve solely around their party affiliation, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Instead, the crucial factor is selecting someone with the necessary expertise to safeguard your investment and uphold the quality of life you desire for you and your family.

Serving on the Town Council today is serious business. We need experienced business and community-minded leaders to continue our momentum. I use my years of business experience every day on the council. I will continue to give the position my full-time attention. I will continue to work closely with HOAs/POAs and all residents whenever there is a concern or suggestion. I will continue to be responsive to any resident who contacts me. Many of you either know me or know of me. I’ve served as the Town Council President for the past four years, working closely with my fellow Council members accomplishing great things for Merrillville. When you VOTE for me, I will be honored to continue serving you. Let’s keep moving forward while building community throughout our awesome town. Thank you for your support.

Please vote on November 7th, or take advantage of early voting at the Lake County Government Center at 93rd Ave and Main Street. As always, please reach out if you need anything.  – Rick Bella, Ward 5 Councilman & Town Council President

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