Redistricting Done Right

Every 10 years following the census Indiana counties, school districts, cities, and towns that have single-member electoral districts are required to either redistrict or recertify that their existing districts are compact, contiguous, and as nearly equal in population as possible. It can be a daunting task since it is one that is not done very... Continue Reading →

The Merrillville Town Court Closure Makes Sense

The Merrillville Town Council at its July 26, 2022, meeting passed on first reading Ordinance 22-19 titled; An Ordinance Amending Town Ordinance 94-05 Entitled “An Ordinance of the Town of Merrillville, Lake County, Indiana, for the Establishment of a Merrillville Town Court”, as it pertains to the Closure of the Merrillville Town Court and the... Continue Reading →

Much Work Goes in Before Decisions are Made

Merrillville Town Government has many moving parts. The twice-monthly business meetings that take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of the month are to allow the Town Council to take formal actions on decisions about our town. Purchases, events, budget, operations, and programs that the town will offer. Some of these motions and council votes... Continue Reading →

Let’s keep experience in office serving US!

There is one candidate that I am supporting in the upcoming General Election on November 8th. Michael Griffin is seeking your support to continue serving as the District One state senator for Northwest Indiana. The District One area only touches the western portion of Merrillville encompassing voting precincts 02, 03, 04, 13, 16, 21, 30, 33, and... Continue Reading →

Radar Speed Limit Signs

The town has been installing radar speed limit signs throughout the town in an effort to educate drivers about how fast they are traveling on many streets. Creating awareness is the first step in changing the behavior of resident and visitor drivers. The signs will track your vehicle and then flash your speed on the... Continue Reading →

Williams Eye Institute Breaks Ground in Merrillville

9797 Massachusetts Street in Merrillville, across the street from the new Amazon Building will host a new location for Williams Eye Institute. Williams currently operates offices in Hammond and at 8510 Broadway in Merrillville. Dr. Douglas Williams, co-owner of Williams Eye Institute speaks during the ground breaking ceremony. The new location will be built in... Continue Reading →

Liberty Estates Breaks Ground in Merrillville

Developer Randy Hall of Lexor Homes explains the first phase of the Liberty Estates project. Town Council President Rick Bella congratulates Randy Hall on the start of the multi-phase development. Last week I participated in the groundbreaking ceremony where the new Liberty Estates subdivision will be built in west Merrillville. The project will feature various... Continue Reading →

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