I Stand with our Officers in Blue

There has been much talk recently about the Merrillville Fraternal Order of Police attending the January 25th Town Council meeting to express their displeasure with a couple members of the Town Council for making remarks during the January 11th meeting. I wanted to set the record straight on a couple things because today it is... Continue Reading →

Time Capsule Will Open in 2071

With Merrillville turning 50 years old on December 30, 2021; we will be preparing a Time Capsule that will be on display at the Dean and Barbara White Community Center with instructions to OPEN the capsule in December of 2071 - 50 years from now! The capsule will be filled with current information about Merrillville, photographs,... Continue Reading →

Town Fitness Center Now FREE to Merrillville Residents

The Merrillville Town Council has made the use of the Methodist Hospital Fitness Center located at the Dean and Barbara White Community Center (6600 Broadway) is now FREE to Merrillville residents with proof of residency.The fitness center offer free weights, a variety of workout machines that are all state-of-the-art equipment. Each machine offers instructional info... Continue Reading →

2022 Street Paving

The Merrillville Redevelopment Commission, made up of 5 existing Town Council members will be approving a $5M bond issue to repair and pave neighborhood streets maining in Ward 2 and 6, which were skipped in 2021 allowing the other 5 wards to get repairs made. Last years project allowed the town to pave about 100 streets... Continue Reading →

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