Be Kind Today at Election Polls

It’s Election Day in Indiana today. The municipal elections, or positions for Cities and Towns. City Mayors, City and Town Council seats, Clerk-Treasurers, and Judges are all elected today. It is a busy day for our county election office and a long day for those on the ballot.

Most, like me (and I am unopposed!), lay awake or wake up every 20 minutes or so checking the clock. Precinct poll workers will be up early so they have polling locations ready to open at 6 a.m. And their 12-hour long day doesn’t allow them to leave the location until the last vote is cast at 6 p.m.

Will there be issues today? You bet. Your name may not come up if you have moved recently, or if there was a purge in the polling book and you have not voted in a long time. But just relax and let the poll ‘Inspector’ contact the county to get it figured out. You will be allowed to vote no matter what! And if needed a paper ‘provisional’ ballot may be cast so your vote is recorded as they sort out the issue.

Most important is to remember that it isn’t the poll worker’s fault if there is a glitch. They are there working for you today. They get up very early (I’m already up now at 4:15 a.m.) to get ready and to make sure the polling location is open, machines zeroed out, and are turned on and ready to go.

Candidates are busy getting their ‘pluggers’ ready to pass out to entice your support. Of most importance today is to remember to BE KIND. Sure, it is election day and emotions run high for those involved. But if we all just be kind to each other and realize that this is our process… no matter how flawed it may be or seem, it is our democracy. It is on display for all to see and at least you won’t need to dip your thumb in purple ink after voting, like in some countries.

VOTE! It’s your right… and BE KIND! -Rick Bella, Town Council President, Town of Merrillville  

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