Bingo with a BANG!

Everyone seems to enjoy our Candidates sponsored BINGO night at The Chateau in Merrillville. The last game had a BANG with a $500 cash prize to the lucky winner who filled their entire Bingo card with the numbers drawn. The ‘cover all’ as it is called allowed for some intensive fun as players waited to hear their numbers called. 

Pictured here from left to right is Rick Bella, Shawn Pettit, Margaret Uzelac, Richard Hardaway, the $500 winner Barb, Keesha Hardaway, Joe Petruch, and Jeff Minchuk

The first-of-its-kind event for Merrillville election candidates was fun for the almost 200 attendees who participated. An open bar was provided as well as plenty of snacks for the players. Council and Clerk-Treasurer candidates took turns calling out the bingo numbers and offering up their prizes for the winners of their games called. 

Each candidate expressed the importance to vote on May 2nd and the incumbent council members who are Bella, Pettit, Uzelac, Hardaway, and Minchuk all pointed out that they have formed a great TEAM and have moved Merrillville forward. They stressed the importance of Keeping the Momentum Going in Merrillville.  

This table was 'Team Hardaway' and are all friends of Keesha Hardaway who is running for the Ward 7 Town Council seat. This lively group had a blast at the first ever Merrillville candidate sponsored event on April 27, 2023.
This lucky player won a gift basket from Rick Bella, Ward 5 Councilman

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