86th Avenue Extension about to begin

I am excited to share that Merrillville has secured funding so we may extend 86th Avenue which will connect the existing road with the short road off of Broadway. With the new development of additional duplexes, it will be nice to have another way for residents to get in and out of their neighborhoods. It also helps out with emergency vehicles and allows access to the area from both Merrillville Road and Broadway.  

The project, which has already started will be worked on throughout the summer and we hope for a completion date of late fall of 2023. The road, which was always on our town master road plan will be a nice addition to that area. The cost will be $1.2 million and is being creatively funded using the Broadway TIF district (Tax Increment Financing) that is being funded by the new developments at the Ameriplex at the Crossing Business Park. This is how businesses give back to the community. So, no taxpayers are paying for this project, directly! The estimated completion date is September 30. I’ll post more as the project progresses. 

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