Be aware of construction work in Sedona

Please be careful as preparation work is underway in Sedona. First, the area will get new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalk corners with ramps for wheelchairs as well as bicycles, shooters, and similar wheeled devices. They are forming and pouring new concrete as I write this post. 

Please slow down also as workers will be all over along with trucks and other equipment. The new curbing is first to take place before the roadway can be removed and new blacktop is placed. The road will be a beautiful improvement to Sedona and one that should last for many years to come! 

Please be patient! These projects take time. But also know that the town has hired top-notch companies to work on this new street project so it will be done correctly with all drainage improved and as mentioned above new corner sideway ramps installed. 

Please contact me if you see any issues or need clarification on any part of this great project. We would want to address any issue while it is happening, not after it is too late! So please feel free to contact me. But know that I’ll be out monitoring the project’s progress and even have an eye-in-the-sky keeping a close watch. Yes, I’m a licensed FAA Certified Drone Pilot! I use it for our photography business; and now for town business too! -Rick Bella, Town Council President

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