Sedona Neighborhood Report by Councilman Rick Bella – March 2, 2023

Topic: Tree Clearing along Grant Street

The owner is clearing out trees to market the land for sale. There is nothing currently planned for use of the land. I don’t like the mess that he is making and leaving around the property and so close to Grant Street. The town has talked to the owner about cleaning it up. We will be watching.

Topic: 86th Avenue Paving

This road will be paved this year through a Community Block Grant Program allowing the town to get funding through a matching grant. The town will still need to pay for some of the costs, but the bulk is covered by the grant. I hope to pave and make improvements from Merrillville Road all the way west to the end of the Avenue.

Topic: Ugly NIPSCO Poles and Wires

This is something that the Town cannot control. It is unity work being done to help eliminate power outages throughout the Region. I certainly don’t like the look of the poles but can understand the need. I was on the Town Council long ago when Sedona was first approved, and we were insistent that all utilities be ‘underground’. That is not the case now as these poles continue to pop up like mushrooms all over town. (sad face)

I am very sorry to see these poles along your main entrance to Sedona. It has really changed the landscape along your pretty boulevard. This is being done to provide better electric service. It is NOT a town project. It is part of Utilities and inside the utilities right-of-way. 🙁

Topic: Speed Limit on Grant Street

I’m sure you have all noticed the new Speed Limit Radar sign on Grant Street. It faces north and alerts drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit. The problem is that the speed limit is SO LOW on Grant in that area (it changes from 30 to 20 as you travel south) that every car is setting off the radar warning lights. How would you feel if I raised the speed limit on Grant up to 25 MPH all the way down from US 30 to 86th Avenue? How many of you have made the Radar Sign lights go off?

Topic: New LED Light Bulbs

You may have noticed that we changed the light bulbs in the decorative streetlights on 86th Avenue. They seem to be much brighter now and all of them match. We will be doing the lights also on Lincoln Street, so they all match and are brighter.

The new LED bulbs are white in color and much brighter as shown in this example.

Topic: Concrete Curbing on Merrillville Road

The town will be removing that ‘pork chop’ shaped piece of concrete across from the Sedona entrance on Merrillville Road. It seems to stick out and I am fearful that when it is covered in snow you may not be able to see it and can cause a hazard.

Topic: Tougher Town Ordinances (Laws)

The Town Council approved several new town ordinances that address town code violations. We also updated many other outdated ordinances that will give our Code Enforcement team what they need to do a good job keeping our town looking the best. We have also placed Code Enforcement under the supervision of the Police Department.

Topic: Abandoned Car at Empty House

Brenda Ford pointed out that the white colored Malibu vehicle was still parked in the backyard of that large grey colored house near 82ed & Buchanan. Code Enforcement and the Police have notified the Bank, who now owns the house through a foreclosure, that the car needs to be moved. We will watch the situation and make sure that happens. Vehicles of any kind are not allowed to be parked on any grassy area on properties. Only on a driveway. New Town Ordinances make this very clear.

I hope you found this post informative. Please reach out to me when you have ideas, concerns, compliments, or suggestions. We will continue working together for a better Merrillville. -Rick Bella, Ward 5 Councilman and Town Council President


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