Blueish Colored Delivery Vans Spark Our Economy

When the Plan Commission and Merrillville Town Council approved the building application for Amazon, located at the AmeriPlex at the Crossroads business park at 94th and Broadway, it knew it was going to get a lot more than just a 174,000-square-foot building to pay property taxes. It knew that the retail giant was going to bring JOBS into our area. High-paying jobs to spark our economy as well as offer Merrillville residents, as well as other area residents’ opportunities that didn’t exist here.

The 174,00 square foot Amazon distribution center located in Merrillville, Indiana.

Amazon, who did not ask for any tax abatements or other incentives to build here did an amazing job with their building construction and quickly finished the distribution center in no time and became operational quickly. Over 300 jobs have been created between loaders, drivers, and other job positions.  


There are also other benefits to our area that occur with development. Economic booms! Perhaps you have noticed the blueish-colored delivery vans driving through town. But have you also noticed these vans also parked at area gas stations fueling up for the day’s deliveries, or vans parked in auto repair, tire & battery shops getting new tires, brakes, and other vehicle repair needs?

Three Amazon Prime delivery vans parked at the Mavis Tires and Battery shop in Merrillville, Indiana after receiving goods and services there. This is true economic benefits for Merrillville.

This is ALL NEW business for our area that didn’t exist here prior to Amazon coming to town. There are many factors involved with bringing new development to Merrillville. And much care and consideration by many individuals go into the decisions that at times may seem quick and without thought during Plan Commission or Town Council meetings. This is not the case… by the time final votes take place, many hours of research and study have gone into those decisions so that the town can make well-informed and the best decisions possible. We welcome Amazon to our area and thank you for the economic boom that you and other companies bring to our region! -Rick Bella, Merrillville Town Council President  

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