New Police Squad Car Designs Feature ‘Ghost Graphics’

There will be a new look to Merrillville Police cars beginning this year with three new cars already showing the new design. The new design will have what is referred as “Ghost Lettering” or “Stealth Graphics”. It provides a subdued, sleeker look to police cars and according to police officers, traffic offenders and speeders usually don’t recognize a “ghosted” police vehicle until they turn on the flashing police lights!

Why the change? About 10 to 15 years ago the black and white squad car made a huge comeback and became the popular choice for many police departments across the country. Just like any trend or style, it slowly started losing luster as newer, more modern lettering designs became available. The new design offers a similar benefit to unmarked police cars. The ghost graphics provide camouflage for law enforcement. Merrillville PD squads will have the reflective version of lettering for higher vehicle visibility at night. The reflective style, when hit with light will almost glow, offering very bright visibility and increased safety.

Merrillville Police Chief Luther Cuttino was interested in a new look and started researching with virtual imaging to get ideas. The Chief and Assistant Chief Kosta Nuses, as well as the department Commanders and several patrol officers took part in designing the new look.

Besides the ghost lettering, the team decided to place the officer’s badge decal on the car instead of the town seal. The idea of ghost lettering is to match as close as possible the color of the vehicle but even though they look dark, once light hits the decals, the lettering will light up, becoming illuminated and extremely visible. The new look will also help with PD morale and at the same time save money since the town won’t have to paint 4 doors white on every black squad car ordered for service.

So, you just might want to watch your speed in town. You don’t want to get stopped by a Ghost Police car for speeding! All kidding aside, be careful everyone.   

-Rick Bella

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