Merrillville Welcomes New Police Officer

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021 the Merrillville Town Judge Eugene Velazco administered the Police Officer’s Oath to new Merrillville Police Officer Taylor M. Hensley. Officer Hensley is the third female officer to join the 61 member police force and began her field training on the very next day. 
Police Chief Luther Cuttino congratulates Officer Taylor Hensley with a fist-bump after she completed her oath of office.
Chief Cuttino jokingly advised Officer Hensley to not celebrate too much as she was due back into the station bright and early “tomorrow morning to begin her training”! 
Merrillville Police Commissioner William Poling hands Officer Hensley her new MPD badge at her swearing-in ceremony.
From left to right, Town Judge Eugene Velazco, new PD Officer Taylor Hensley, Police Chief Cuttino, and Police Commissioner William Poling

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