Increased Police Force in 2024 Budget

In a move aimed at bolstering public safety and addressing growing concerns about community security, I am announcing a proposal to add four new police officers to next year’s town budget.

The proposal, which has garnered significant support from the community and law enforcement agencies, comes as a response to a rise in service activities and the need to ensure a rapid and effective response to emergencies. Bella’s initiative has also received endorsement from Merrillville Police Chief Kosta Nuses, who agrees that additional officers are crucial to maintaining safety in our community. “At various times, our officers are responding to one call after another with little time for actual patrol or community policing efforts”, Nuses said.

I’ve emphasized the importance of proactive measures to ensure the safety and well-being of town residents and visitors. “Our community deserves the best in public safety, and that starts with providing our hardworking police force with the resources they need to carry out their duties effectively. The addition of four new officers will not only help us combat crime but also enhance the sense of security that our residents deserve.” – Rick Bella

Police Chief Kosta Nuses echoed my sentiments, stressing the urgent need for additional officers to meet the growing demands of the town. “Our officers are dedicated to protecting and serving our community, but we are stretched thin due to increased call volumes and the evolving nature of law enforcement,” Chief Nuses stated. “Adding four new officers will allow us to respond more efficiently to emergencies, investigate crimes thoroughly, and enhance community policing efforts.”

I am pleased to report that this issue was discussed at our 2024 budget meetings and like usual, if something is good for the town and its residents, my fellow council members support it. It is great working with council representatives who get it! 

The Town Council encourages residents to engage in conversation, share their thoughts, and voice their concerns during public meetings and forums to ensure that their perspectives are considered.

For more information about this proposal or to participate in public discussions, please visit the Town Council’s website at or contact the Town Council Office at 219-769-5711 x303. You may also email Rick Bella directly at   – Rick Bella, Town Council

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