Residents needed on town plan committee

The Town of Merrillville is seeking residents interested in joining the Momentum Community Committee, which helps shape a vision for the municipality.

The new committee will play a critical role in developing the Merrillville Momentum comprehensive plan by working with Town officials and planners to identify strategies and projects that can take place over the next 20 years.

“We’re looking for a diverse group of individuals, interests, and neighborhoods to get involved so we can incorporate the different points of view from the community,” Merrillville Planning and Building Director Sheila Shine said.

The Momentum Community Committee will consist of 40 members, and participants must attend at least six-monthly meetings starting July 19.

“You must have a commitment to collaboration and partnership, good ideas, and great energy,” Shine said. “And a dedication to make our Town a better place for everyone.”

Those interested in serving on the committee can visit the Merrillville Momentum website using the link provided here: 

Potential members must submit applications by July 11. Applications can be emailed to or delivered to the Merrillville Municipal Complex, 7820 Broadway.

For months, Town officials have been collaborating with RDG Planning & Design to collect information and data for the Merrillville Momentum comprehensive plan. Developing the plan involves many steps, and workshops will be scheduled this summer. When finished, the comprehensive plan will serve as a guide for Town leaders in the coming decades.

The plan will address economic development, land use, zoning, infrastructure, utilities, housing, education, recreation, and other aspects of the Town.

In addition to potentially serving on the Momentum Community Committee, residents can get involved in the planning process by participating in upcoming workshops and by sharing their thoughts on the Merrillville Momentum website. While visiting the website, residents can add suggestions on an interactive map. A survey is also available there.

Residents are encouraged to continue visiting the website, the Town website linked here:

and Merrillville’s Facebook page for the latest about the Merrillville Momentum comprehensive plan. “This is a great way to help town officials shape the future of our great town. From zoning to park development to residential and business growth. We’d love your input so leaders know what direction you’d like to see for Merrillville.” – Rick Bella, Town Council President 

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