The Merrillville Town Council has trimmed membership fees to use the new Dean and Barbara White Community Center Methodist Hospitals Fitness Center beginning March 1, 2021. The Introductory Offer will go through March 1 of 2022.


The change is being made possible by the overwhelming support of sponsorships that have far exceeded expectations. Unlike the Dean and Barbara White Foundation $10M gift which is being used to subsidize the operational costs of the center, sponsorships funds are placed in a separate fund to be used for capital improvements to the center, on-going maintenance and repairs. The new source of funding is lowering the town’s need to use general funds to support the center allowing for lower residential fitness center fees


The fitness center, sponsored by Methodist Hospitals, provides a variety of cardio, weight exercise and free weights. It also includes the elevated walking track, that circles around the 3 basketball courts/gymnasium area. 6.6 times around will allow you to walk/jog one mile. The track has a padded flooring surface to create a good experience for users which is much better than walking just on a concrete or hard surface floor.


The fees – just $20 per month, or about 67-cents per day to use all of the machines, weights, etc. as well as the track. Since we’ve trimmed prices, we expect to see many fit and ‘trim’ residents in Merrillville!


The Dean and Barbara White Community Center is 84,000 square feet and was built to promote a healthier lifestyle and create destinations for families and visitors. It will feature 3 basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts, a .15 mile running track, a two storied rock/boulder climbing wall, a 5,600 square foot fitness area with free weights & cardio equipment, a multi-function event center for weddings, events, meetings & other occasions, an outdoor multi-purpose sports field for football, soccer, lacrosse and other field sports and a Community Room & Flex Studios.


Find out more about all of the new services and programs at the new Parks & Recreation Department website: or by clicking below at the button link. – Rick Bella, Councilman. 

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