On Tuesday, January 12, 2021 the Merrillville Police Commission presented five members of the police department an award for outstanding service for the calendar year 2020. Police Chief Administrative Assistant Lori Sanfratello, Assistant Police Chief Kosta Nuses, and MPD Officers Matt Reynolds, Sean Leto and Curtis Minchuk were presented the awards by Police Commissioners Gene Ward, Bill Poling, and Pete Dragojevich at the Town Council meeting.
“The commissioners thought it would be nice to recognize the personnel behind the scenes along with the officers that do an outstanding job. Seems like the profession is constantly under attack for one reason or another. There should be good news to balance things out. We need to recognize those that go above and beyond.” – William Poling, Merrillville Police Commissioner
From Commissioner Pete Dragojevich – “Being part of the police commission for several years now in another police department, I strongly believe that employee recognition is important to show our brave warriors that we can see their accomplishments, effort, and dedication to the Merrillville Police Department and our community. Recognizing great work ethics and loyalty will boost our departments moral as a whole. It’s a win-win for all of us working together proudly representing the town.”
We celebrate all of the 61 sworn police officers and 5 supporting staff members who tirelessly work each and every day to keep our town safe. Congratulations to the award recipients. -Rick Bella

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