Convention Center for Merrillville

It is exciting to realize that Merrillville was selected as the top two locations for a region convention center. First choice was the old Raddison Hotel land that has recently been removed and now sits as empty development property. The second location was the old Burlington Coat Factory area at Century Plaza at U.S. Route 30 and Broadway.


Both would be great locations and the ownership (TriLand Properties) of Century Plaza is interested in doing a $50M project at their location. Naturally in 2020 most all conferences across the country; and even across many other countries, were cancelled due to the pandemic. In 2021, some bounced back, but not at pre-COVID attendance levels. This naturally put a stop to discussions with developers on building a convention center in Merrillville. 

Now, with things slowly returning to normal we can again engage with developers to see what might be possible for Merrillville. The renderings below were some preliminary design ideas if a convention center were to be placed at the Century Plaza location.   

This page will offer additional details soon. For now please review some of the renderings offered by TriLand as ideas of what this development could look like in the near future!  -Rick Bella

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