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Rick Bella (center) takes the oath of office from Judge Gina Jones on January 1, 2020. Also pictured is fellow Town Councilman Shawn Pettit (left)

Rick's Message - from my 2019 Campaign

I have served you in the past while I proudly represented District 5 from 1991 through 2003, aiding in the accomplishment of numerous and necessary projects for our town.  From the purchase of the former Tepe’s Catalog Showroom (78th and Broadway) and its remodel into what is now the Municipal Town Complex, to new roads and bridges and other development, I have the experience and knowledge that Merrillville continues to need today.


Merrillville is not developing like our neighboring communities.  I see areas that are negatively affecting the projected value of our town to business developers and our personal property values.  


I see multiple street lights turned off or in need of repair.  I see our roads crumbling, making an already busy area even more difficult to navigate. While these are ongoing issues that every town in America faces, the most successful cities react to and resolve these issues quickly.


I also see in Merrillville a wonderful and caring community in which we can all take pride.  We can take pride in the thoughtful attention we show to our homes and our businesses.  We can take pride in the diversity of the appointments to our boards and commissions and in our police department.  As your candidate for Town Council,


I want to again be part of continuing that sense of pride into the mission of our local government.


When people work together, things get done!  When I represented the Ward 5 previously, I worked with Congressman Pete Visclosky to secure the funding to build new bridges and roads, like 93rd Avenue from Broadway to Mississippi and the expansion of Mississippi Street from 61st Avenue to Route 30.  Today, we need additional road projects to assist with traffic congestion and we need more recreational activities for our residents in order to compete with the surrounding communities. My goal will be to level the playing field between Merrillville and our neighboring cities.  


I intend to meet with State and Federal elected officials and provide a voice for Merrillville at the negotiating table, something I believe has been lacking in our local government structure and has proved a detriment to our town.


I am extremely honored to have served the town of Merrillville in the past, and I hope to do so again.  The need for experienced leadership in our town has never been more critical, and I can provide that as a member of our Town Council.  I am excited for this opportunity and to reach out to you for your support in the upcoming general election on November 5, 2019.  Please contact me at any time to share your ideas on how we can work together to continue to better our town of Merrillville.  I look forward to serving you and our town again!

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