Waste Management Apologizes and Acts

A couple of weeks ago I called Waste Management and emailed our town contact about what appeared to be oil or hydraulic fluid leaks all over our roadways near where I live. I included some photographs to show them exactly what I was seeing. As I continued to look throughout the neighborhood, I could see that leaks were happening up and down all streets.

Today, I witnessed the recycling truck leaking fluid from the rear of the truck as it picked up our recycling tote. I took a few more photos that showed that today’s leaks were still wet and ‘new’ from last week’s leakage. I sent up my drone to capture each street from above and was able to share those photos also with my contacts at WM.

They promised quick action to rectify the problem and that is exactly what they did. Through a variety of emails, I was informed of the plan to help clean up the streets affected by the leaking truck. I was informed that the truck could not be fixed on the street by their mechanic, so the truck was pulled from service to stop further leaks on our town streets.

A crew was hired to spread absorbing powders on the streets to assist with clean up and to help with the stains that the fluids would certainly leave on the street. The next day a street sweeper came down all streets to pick up the powder and clean the roadways as best as possible.

We are always quick to complain about a company when they goof up, but we should always compliment a company, even during times of error, that tries to make things right after a mishap. In this case, Waste Management has reacted with an apology and is working as I write this post to make the situation better and correct the problem.

I have been promised that the leaking truck will be repaired, and we’ll have it back with no interruption of service to Merrillville residents. Thank you, Waste Management, for your action on this issue. We value our partnership. -Rick Bella, Town Council President, Town of Merrillville

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