Yep, We See it Too! We need to CLEAN UP!

As the snow melts around town, it reveals the ugly grass, trees with no leaves, empty bushes, and everything brown before things start to bloom and turn green. We also see the trash. Trash bags, plastic, paper, cans, and just about anything you can think of stuck to trees, bushes, roadways, ditches and more. Our Public Works crews are out picking up trash and left-over winter debris that just seems to naturally happen each year. We are also seeking funding to hire summertime students to each day work on sections of the town to remove debris, junk, and trash from all over. We need to CLEAN UP MERRILLVILLE! If you see a bad area needing attention, please just reach out to me so we can direct crews to those specific areas. We really need your help so we can tackle these areas and make our town look beautiful. Photo Credit: Kathy Stone – Thanks much, Rick Bella

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