July 4th Celebration Planned for 2022

Let's Celebrate Again!

We (the Town Council) are now planning to celebrate the July 4th holiday once again with a parade and fireworks this year. After a couple years of holding back due to concerns of COVID-19, we feel that by this July, it will be safe to come together once again as a community and celebrate our Nation’s birth!

Details will be worked out in various committee meetings. Anyone interested in participating in the committee and assist with program designs can let me know by emailing me at rickbellaward5@gmail.com or call the office at 219-769-5711, extension 303 for our Administrative Assistant Linda Rosas.

We will have a Grand Marshall for the parade (to be determined) as well as a contest for best floats in various categories. Fireworks will be displayed either on July 3 or July 4, but we typically do fireworks on July 3. Details will follow but for now know that we’ll be celebrating this year. We hope to see you all on the parade route down Broadway. I’ll post details as they become available. Like always, check out my website for updates: RickBellaWard5.com

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