Town Council Commits to Planting Trees – A lot of TREES!

At the last Special Town Council meeting of 2021, the Council made a variety of motions and approvals setting goals for the coming year. One goal was to replace or plant 500 new trees in town. Many neighborhood trees have overgrown and roots have uplifted and cracked sidewalks, damaged curbing and have caused street damage in many of Merrillville’s older neighborhoods. 

The aging tree issue has finally caught the attention of the Stormwater Management Resource Center who is charged with making sure Merrillville’s storm water flows properly so there is not flooding in town. 

Tree identification has already begun by marking trees that will be removed when weather permits. When possible, trees will be replaced with different varieties that won’t impact our sidewalks and streets in the future. 

Not all trees will be replaced. And additional trees may be planted in other areas of the town to help beautify our neighborhoods and allow us to keep our Tree City status.

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