Street Parking Hinders Snow Plowing

We are asking residents to move their cars from the street during a 2 inch or more snow event to allow our snow crews to get through with our trucks to clean your street. We know it can be a hassle, and it may require you to play musical chairs (but with your cars) for a couple days, but if we cannot get the plows through, we can’t clean the streets. Even after the snow event, if you see your street is not totally cleared yet from ‘curb to curb’ then don’t place your car back in the street yet so the plows can get through for final cleanup work. Once the snow event is over and your street has been cleared, then place your car back in the street for parking. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Our Code Enforcement team will be out in force to enforce the Snow Parking Ordinance. Remember; 2″ or more snow event, or even one predicted please don’t park in the street. 

-Rick Bella for The Town of Merrillville.

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