First Town Job Fair draws hundreds - companies hired on the spot!

Last week the Town Council hosted its first annual Job Fair at the new Dean and Barbara White Community Center. For me, it was exciting to have 59 companies participate as well as hear that many jobseekers left the center with a JOB IN HAND! I actually heard one person speaking to their mother on her cell phone and with excitement tell her mom that she ‘got the job’! We estimate that over 500 residents came through that day seeking new opportunities with the many top-notch companies who were present displaying their company information and trying to attract new employees. One company, Albanese Candy had what appeared to be their entire Human Resources department on-site and after an initial screening, lucky jobseekers were escorted to another room where a more formal sit-down interview was done by an HR pro from the company. Dozens of new employees were hired ‘on-the-spot’! 
The Job Fair was held inside the Mike Anderson Chevrolet Event Center and the large reception hall was full the entire 4 hours of the event. Four lucky winners also took home a new laptop computer or new tablet as drawings were held every hour or so. We even provide lunch for the attendees and company representative working that day. Merrillville really showed that it can put on an event that day and town staff did an amazing job of organizing, working that day, and adapting to the needs of the vendors and jobseekers. The event went off without a hitch and was the perfect use for the new community center; bringing community together and hosting an event that will help many residents in our region. -Rick Bella for the Town of Merrillville

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