Merrillville Conservancy District plans fix for Turkey Creek Neighborhood

Representatives from the Merrillville Conservancy District (MCD) met with Merrillville officials last night to share plans for a new lift-station installation to be placed near Stefek Park off of 70th Place in Turkey Creek. The plan would divert sewage from 250 homes in South Turkey Creek plus another 50 homes in North Turkey Creek into a 20” Force Main relieving existing pressure from other homes in Turkey Creek.  

During large rain events, homes in the area would experience sewer backups in their homes due to infiltration by rainwater filling the sewage pipes in the area. Members of the Town Council agreed to the concept and would donate town owned land to MCD so the lift station can be built at the optimum location for the project. Ward 3 Town Councilman Jeff Minchuk will bring the proposal to the entire council for approval and welcomes the project to repair the issues that has plagued the neighborhood for many years.  

An example of a lift station that will be installed near Stefek Park off of 70th Place in Turkey Creek to eliminate sewer backups.

Council President Rick Bella said that he did not see a problem with the proposal and thanks the MCD board who were all in attendance for their work on the problem. The project will cost approximately $800,000 and funding is available for the project and will not increase any MCD user fees. The project will be funded by tap-in fees the district collects from new development.  

MCD also shared that there are two other projects in the area currently underway to repair and straighten a line near 65th Lane and Madison Street. That project cost is $180,000.

Town council members Don Spann, Marge Uzelac, Jeff Minchuk and Rick Bella were at the meeting and expressed gratitude to MCD members for their hard work on the project. Town Council meetings are often filled with concerned Turkey Creek residents asking for a fix to the ongoing drainage issues in the 800-home subdivision built in the early 1960’s.

MCD Attorney Bill Touchette said that the age of the subdivision along with different building codes of the day, as well as the age of the system have caused most of the issues there and that this new lift station installation should eliminate the issues with no increase to taxpayers.

Other MCD officials in the meeting were Chairman Ed Yerga, Board Members, John Minchuk, Tim Bronowski and MCD’s Operations Manager, Brian Mueller. The project should be approved by the Town Council at its next meeting on September 8th.    

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