New Police Officers & Commissioners

The Town of Merrillville swore in four new Police Officers as well as two new Police Commissioners increasing the current three member board to five. The new officers are replacing vacancies created by retiring officers this year. 

New MPD officers (left to right) Kwata D. Osborne, Devante M. Bradley, Ian Davidson-Dugon, and Joshua M. Galle

So much for fun… these new officers are off for training starting the very next morning after signing their official papers from being sworn in as Merrillville Police Officers. Welcome men and we look forward to swearing in a new female Police Officer next month! 

Kwata D. Osborne signs his official oath for town records.
Devante M. Bradley signs his official oath for town records.
Ian Davidson-Dugon signs his paperwork and is now a Merrillville Police Officer. Training started today!
Joshua M. Galle completes his Oath form for town records.

The Town Council changed the current three member Police Commission to the maximum allowed five member board according to State Code. This has allowed the council to add two new members to assist with all of the work the Police Commission is going with the new Police Chief and Assistant Chief as they make changes to the way policing is done in Merrillville. Congratulations to Pete Dragojevic, Jr. and Willam Poling. We thank them for their willingness to give of their time and expertise to help make the Merrillville Police Department the best it can be. 

William Poling (left) and Pete Dragojevic, Jr. are sworn in Tuesday evening August 25th at the Town Council meeting.

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