New Drainage Project at Marshall Street & 77th Ave

I am very pleased to announce that our town Stormwater Utility will be doing a stormwater improvement project located in the rear yard utility easements located behind 7700 Marshall Street and surrounding ROW areas. From Matt Lake, the Executive Director of the Utility: This project will entail installation of 379 feet of 12″ HDPE recycled pipe and proper grading to existing inlet structures. 

This issue was pointed out to me while walking with Township Trustee Joesph Shudick while campaigning in this area. I was pleased to find out that Stormwater Management was already on the repair and the project has been sent out for Requests for Quotes to do the fix. 

The project will be timed to not impact the operation of Salk School there and we are hopeful that it can be completed between March 30 and April 3 when school is out on break. 

Many thanks to Matt and his dedicated team, the board, and all involved to do this much needed drainage repair.

I am also excited to share that Matt is reviewing the issues on Marshall Place where storm water is being pumped onto the street. I’ll announce what we will do to fix that issue soon. Sign up for my Blog posts to stay informed. -Rick Bella for the Town of Merrillville. 

Stay up to date on town news about Stormwater Management on their webpage on the Town of Merrillville website. 

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