New regional convention center is going to happen. The question is where will it be located.

There is much talk about the need for the Region to find a location for a new convention center since the closing of the Radisson in Merrillville. If I am elected, I would pursue discussions with Tri-Land Properties to get this already existing EMPTY building in town (old Century Mall) re-purposed as a regional convention center. It would be a ‘win’ for our community. I support any efforts by the town, who has to their credit been in discussions with Tri-Land, to get this accomplished. We have too many of these large box store empty buildings in town. Discussions need to now move to action. I believe the first city/town to present a solid plan will win the day. In the right location it could be a boom to the economics of the municipality hosting it and would certainly place another ‘pin’ in the map for that city/town. Recognition that Merrillville has lost with the razing of the Radisson Hotel and Star Plaza Theater.  

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