Traveling Experiences Can Help Build Community

I have been very blessed to have careers that required traveling throughout the United States and Canada.  Today, as my wife Jodi and I run our own business, it has also allowed for additional job travel while doing photography for many of our clients, some of which are global companies.

Being a photographer requires increased attention to detail. After all, you don’t want to make an image with unsightly items in the photo, like a background with the appearance of a tree growing out of a subject’s head!

That heightened attention to detail also allows me to see more of my surroundings when traveling. I recall noticing lit street signs in Chandler, Arizona before one was ever used in our state and marveling about what an awesome idea it was. Now, you can see them throughout our region.

I see how other cities’ road projects work, how they use a variety of ways to beautify their city/town for residents and visitors, and always ask myself if that might work in our community.  

I notice how the planners work with developers to make wonderful projects with parks, unique lighting, and other amenities, even a neighborhood built with the public sidewalks running behind the homes keeping road traffic away from users, especially children!

I use and witness public transportation that works really well and see emergency services all working together providing great public service.

Exposure to other communities can be a great benefit to elected leaders. If we only view our own small area, we are not exposed to what other communities are doing and how those ideas might work for Merrillville. 

I have been to about 30 of our great states as well as wonderful areas of Canada. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with the town council to see how Merrillville can improve services, build additional community, and pursue newer and more trendy ideas to make our town great!

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