My promise to you: represent you on the town council for the entire 4 year term

Our town needs serious leaders committed to the work needed to manage a successful town. I can speak from experience from serving you in the past from 1999 through 2010 on the town council.  

When leaders are busy seeking the next election or next move in their political career by running for other offices, they aren’t focused on representing their constituents and making the best decisions for the whole town. I believe that if you seek a different elected position while holding a current one, decisions about the town could be compromised as there is the chance that you will be thinking of how a decision might impact potential voters views instead of focusing on your current voters. Your representative should be free to work for you and what’s best for the town without worrying about the impact those decisions have for another office. This is one of the reasons I decided to get involved again on the Town Council.  

My promise to the residents of Ward 5 and the Town of Merrillville, is to serve you for the entire 4 year term. I have NO interest in running for other elected offices like Township Trustee, Clerk-Treasurer, Town Judge or any other office that might happen along during my term in office.

I truly believe that our town needs a committed town council, working together, for the betterment of our community. Office holders shouldn’t play musical chairs once they are elected to serve.  

I will be posting upcoming dates where you can meet me and discuss your ideas, concerns and suggestions for our town. Please sign up to receive our blog post notices so you can keep informed as to what our campaign will be doing from now through the November 5th general election. I look forward to serving you and working for a better Merrillville. -Rick Bella

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