VOTE! There is NO Electoral College in Local Elections!

With recent discussion and news reports about our federal electoral college and the advantages and disadvantages of it , I thought it might be important to point out that this issue does NOT effect local or state elections. 

Every vote counts in local municipality elections. We don’t need to worry about an Electoral College. Your vote truly counts and elections can be, and have been, won (or lost) by just ONE VOTE! 

Many young people cite feeling as though their vote doesn’t count. The main reason for not voting in elections. Many were disillusioned by the presidential candidates before the 2016 election and many chose to not vote at all as a result. 

President Barack Obama’s election in 2008 is an example of this theory in motion, as his popularity with young voters was one of the key elements of his campaign, giving him a large margin over competitors in a number of strategic states. 

Other elections in recent years have come down to just a few votes (Minnesota Senator Al Franken won by just 312 votes in 2009), proving your vote does matter, maybe more than you realize. 

Since elected officials can affect many residents lives within their city/town, it is important that residents get involved in selecting their leaders. 

Registered voters in any city/town are only a percentage of those who actually live there. And voter turnout can again only be a percentage of registered voters meaning that often, a very small percentage of residents are selecting who will be representing all of the residents in the city/town. 

With expanded voting hours and the ease of absentee ballots it should be easy for you to exercise your right to vote. 

-Rick Bella for Rick Bella for Town Council

Some info provided by The Best Colleges article on 9 reasons we need young voters more than ever.

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